Thursday, March 26, 2009


After the November elections, I was (and remain) disheartened and dissapointed by the decision of the American Voting Public to elect Barak Obama. I and my fellow posters on Hangrightpolitics and other pages tried to warn the public about the risk of electing Mr. Obama (Or for that matter, any other democrat).

How has Mr. Obama failed: There are too many ways to count and could require a 10 page post, but I will point some highlights.

1. A 9 trillion deficit. The deficit was bad enough, but his announced plans will triple it. His actions are starting the failure of the U.S. monetary system.

2. He promised a middle class tax cut, but (like Clinton or any other democrat president) he has already backed off of it. Unfortunately for the tax-payers, this was one of the few ways he could have improved the economy, but he failed to follow through.

3. He promised to stop congressional earmarks, but his first legislative bill included approximately 900 earmarks in the 800,000,000,000 financial bailout plan.

4. He cannot get several cabinet members past the Senate.

5. His liberal policy is already headed for abject failure, just as they have in the past.

This man promised change we can believe in. If you are betting against the country, you can believe it.



  1. Congrats on the new blog, old friend! The good news is that we were right, that's also the bad news.

  2. Kathy,


    Old Friend, are you ready to blog again? I hope so

  3. How about some optimism? Considering how bad he is failing, along with the Democratic Congress, there is going to be a huge turnaround in 2010. I'm heartened by some GOP Congress critters who are standing on principle in the face of the mobs.

    And Obama can do nothing but campaign with his teleprompter.

    You know what the real sad part is? Obama is not even president except by title. It's the man or men or men and women behind the teleprompter who is/are the real president. Without it, he's nothing.

  4. Well said, Steph.

    If this were not so serious, this would be funny. He is nothing but a silly stooge, just like Jimmah.

  5. I knew you couldn't resist, even when you are not in the right. Or is it because you are not in the right that you cannot resist. It's been so long for you, if ever, to be on the wrong side of the issues in your mind. It's dismaying over there, I've been there many many years, so I understand your frustration. But the world is different now. Sucks when the music changes when you still want to beat the same drumbeat.

  6. Middle-class tax cut is IN FULL EFFECT. My proof is my paycheck. My corporation sent out many notices to it's staff that as we would be seeing a bigger gain in our take-home pay due to the federal governments tax decrease, that perhaps everyone should look at their w-2s before this happens to be sure to correct any changes before this occurs (May 1, 2009). They sent out numerous emails to all it's employees to remind us to check this. And sure enough, true as said, my take home pay increased on my bi-weekly check. This was not my corporation that made this change, this was the Federal government/IRS.
    Therefore, you CANNOT SAY as you did in #2. Maybe you don't see it on a retirees' SS pension, but I'm a working-class dawg, and it IS reflected on my current pay-stubs.
    Obama kept this promise. Right or wrong, he KEPT THIS PROMISE.

  7. To your #1: Just be sure that you are attributing the 9trillion dollar deficit to the correct administration. (W!) Loans from China (Asia), Russia (and Europe),and Saudi Arabia (Middle East) 2000-2008 are not gifts to W; they have to be paid back, unfortunately.

    #3. That is true and unfortunate. Change to old DC style of doing business will have to come slower than he hoped I guess. I can tell you he was pissed and dissapointed about this having to sign first earmarked bill. As was I.

    #4. But he got several Cabinet posts passed. Six of one, half dozen of another. Glass is half full, glass is half empty....all in how you look at it. AND, this is not the first president to see some of his selections overlooked. Not the first, not the last.

    #5. Maybe some policies will fail, but you cannot say that ALL policies will fail. You just want your half empty glass to tumble over completely. Some policies will fail, most administrations see this happen when they leave office. But some policies go on to be fine. America goes with the flow...policies do or don't go with us as a country. Depends.

    But thanks for the warning. As a working American, do you suggest I jump in front of a car and end it all, or just carry on as usual and wait and see?